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Vitrines à Merveilles

Showcase of WondersTOGETHER

Showcase of Wonders | TOGETHER


Hymn to this feeling that captures our hearts, HAND IN HAND is dedicated to lovers of Paris, to lovers of love and to lovers in general. The illustration created by Marin Montagut is presented here in the form of a Showcase of Wonders.

The Showcase of Wonders is a 3D volume object, made in the workshops of Marin Montagut in Paris, entirely HAND PAINTED. Each piece is numbered. The structure is made of papier-mâché and closed by a glass window, all preserved by a protective cover, like a case. A precious object to contemplate without moderation.

Dimensions: height 22.5 cm・width 16.5 cm・depth 4.5 cm



hauteur 22.5 cm・largeur 16.5 cm・profondeur 4.5 cm


hauteur 22.5 cm・largeur 16.5 cm・profondeur 4.5 cm


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