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vases, Vases peints à la main

Hand painted vase18TH CENTURY CROWN: YOU & ME

Hand painted vase | 18TH CENTURY CROWN: YOU & ME



Marin Montagut was inspired for this illustration by a crown from the 18th century, a period which greatly influenced his creations.

This vase is entirely hand painted in our workshop in Paris.

It is ideal for decorating your interior with delicacy and color.

Each piece is mouth-blown and hand-painted in our workshop in Paris.

Inspired by the French glassware of yesteryear, Marin Montagut's glassware is a colorful and joyful hymn to Love, Art and Paris!

Please note: This piece is not suitable for the dishwasher, so use your sponges to clean it by hand with love.

Dimensions: height 20 cm・diameter 12 cm

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hauteur 20cm・diamètre 12 cm


hauteur 20cm・diamètre 12 cm

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