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Carafe et Pichet, Porcelaine


Carafe | LEMONS



Sprinkled with small lemons, this carafe is inspired by an 18th century model, itself inspired by an antique amphora. This carafe, which can also be used as a vase, is hand painted in the workshops of Marin Montagut.

Marin Montagut works on each of his tableware models, drawing inspiration from the French tableware of yesteryear. The tableware, of rare finesse, is made of enameled porcelain. Each model is made by hand, resulting in unique pieces.

Dimensions: height 18 cm・diameter 9 cm

Warning: These porcelain carafes are not suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher, so use your sponges to clean them by hand with love!

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hauteur 18 cm・diamètre 9 cm


hauteur 18 cm・diamètre 9 cm


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