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Bonbonnière, Bonbonnière peinte à la main, Porcelaine

Hand painted candy boxALL IN CLOVERS

Hand painted candy box | ALL IN CLOVERS



This candy box is hand painted in our workshop in Paris.

Marin Montagut imagined this new collection of candy boxes to recall the French tableware of yesteryear. All these pieces are handmade in enameled porcelain. Each candy box is unique and hand-painted in the Marin Montagut workshops in Paris.

Dimensions: height 15 cm・diameter 10 cm

Warning: These candy boxes are not suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher, so use your sponges to clean them by hand with love!

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hauteur 15 cm・diamètre 10 cm


hauteur 15 cm・diamètre 10 cm


Cette bonbonnière est compatible avec le lave-vaisselle.

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