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Octagonal boxHEART ON HAND

Octagonal box | HEART ON HAND


Developed in the 17th century, papier-mâché was the material of choice before the invention of plastic. Made of natural materials, it is still traditionally used today to create large heads and giant carnival figures, but it is also used by artists such as Jean Dubuffet in the 1960s or recently by contemporaries.

Inspired by this tradition, Marin Montagut imagined a series of boxes made by hand from papier-mâché in Paris. The collection is created and painted in watercolor by hand in the workshops of Marin Montagut in Montmartre. It is ideal for keeping all your little treasures.

Dimensions: width 14 cm・length 21 cm・height 14.5 cm



largeur 14 cm・longueur 21 cm・hauteur 14.5 cm


largeur 14 cm・longueur 21 cm・hauteur 14.5 cm


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